Lamb Clip

You will better understand the written tutorial below once to have taken Basics & Beyond's groomers training course.


1. Prepare a clean crate the proper size for the dog. Place a clean towel down for the dog to lie on.
2. Using medicated ear powder, pull hair out of the ear canal using your fingers or forceps. Do not pull anything that you cannot see. Thoroughly clean the ears with ear cleaner and a cotton ball.
3. Thoroughly brush dog removing any tangles. If the dog is heavily matted you may have to strip the coat with a #5f or #7f.
4. Trim between and under the eyes. With a #10 blade shave under the tummy and under the tail keeping the blade flat with the skin, to prevent clipper burn.
5. Have Kwik-Stop styptic powder on hand and the clip the nails.
6. Bathe dog twice and rinse well.
7. Fluff dry (Brush while drying) until almost dry. Finish drying in a crate.
 8. Clip all the face unless a mustache or Teddy Bear head is preferred. Clip the base of the tail against the grain with a #10 or #15 blade to usually about 1/3 the length of the tail.
 9. Clip the feet, tummy and tail area with a #10 blade.
 10. Clip the body with a #5f 4f or #3f. Scissor legs all the same length trimming up any scraggly hairs.
 11. Clip the base of the tail with a #10 or #15 blade to usually about 1/3 the length.
 12. Clip the tail in a pom tail.
 13. Look over the dog to make sure no hair is hanging or out of place.
 14. Spray with cologne. You may use a little hair spray on the topknot. Just make sure you cover the dog’s eyes and be careful not to spray it in the nose.