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How to choose a Grooming school

  Basics & Beyond Grooming Schools mission is to help you get superior training while keeping costs down. 
  1. In almost every state grooming schools from California to Florida are  governed by their state department Bureau for Private and Post-Secondary Education. Before you enroll in a school make sure it is legitimate!!

  2. Go with a school that has stood the test of time. When you see advertising online that means they are paid for, not necessarily a good choice.

  3. Never trust a site that tries to rush your purchase , because of a so called sale that ends tomorrow. That puts buyer in a position to impulse buy.  Making a rush to Judgement.

  4. Tuition costs are important, so checkout prices, but keep in mind the cost is only one aspect. The quality of training meaningful is most .

  5. The amount of books or DVDs are not what is important - it the materials in those that matters

  6. Work required should be 200 to 400 hour for online and home study. Grooming a hand full of dogs is to little experience for anyone.

  7. You need to experience many breed types, different coat types, differences in breed trait to gain the.knowledge you need, It is dangerous for the future dogs you groom and dangerous for you!

  8. Everyday in the US dogs injured or killed, groomers having body parts bit off, including. fingers, noses and flesh.

  9. There is no governing body that oversees pet groomers, therefore you do not need a license to groom at this time. Each state will eventually require licensing. When this happens you most likely you will have to prove you have had sufficient training.

  10. An instructor with years of experience has years of knowledge to share.

  11. Be sure their support policy is sufficient so you are not left with unattainable answers to your questions.
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Taking you from trainee to professional in as little as eight to twelve weeks.

For as little as $89.00 for this course and a very small investment of tools and supplies you can open your own business; a grooming salon. Groom from home or open a shop and boutique. Get Your Certificate upon completion!

Here are five tips to help keep your grooming & learning costs from soaring higher than need be.

  1. It's a Common Belief in the General Public That the Only Way to Learn Grooming is To Go to a Tradition Grooming School. This is Simply Not True. This Home Study - Hands On Program Proves It...

  2. Investigating Different Schools & Check With the Better Business Bureau... Bureau...
  3. Go With a Hands-On Certificate Program That Is A Proven Winner Like This One to Save Money...

  4. Use The Savings to Buy Your Tools, But Make Sure They Don't Say Economy in the description. Economy Means Cheaply Made! Only Buy Professional Tools. Cheap Tools Will Not Last... Bureau...

  5. Start Your Own Business and Work for Yourself. Make Money for Yourself Not for an Employer...

When you take the Basics & Beyond Groomers Training Course you can use the money you save to buy tools or open a salon of your own. There are many grooming books on the market, but they are intended for the experienced groomers. The illustrations and diagrams assist in your learning. Educational video aids are included in the grooming package.

Start Your Own Business

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