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You can do studying online, but you have to have a place you can do grooming like a bathroom, laundry-room, garage, etc. Because no matter what "anyone" tells you you "cannot" learn to groom online! You "must" have hands on training.

You get dogs by putting an ad in the news paper, putting fliers up, telling friends and so on.  You can say you are a groomer in training and you will groom for free in exchange for experience. Some humane society and shelters will let you groom the dogs.

Students are required to groom 35 dogs take before and after pictures of their work and write a report on how they groomed each dog. There is an open book (all the answer are in the book).

There is no set time to complete the course or set studying time per day. The course is a go at your own pace.  Everyone learns at a different speed, but the average time is about three months. I've had student complete this course in four weeks and others six months.

No tools or supplies are included. Wholesale catalogs are included are included with your course. The cost will be around cost $700.00. You do not have to buy them all at one time, but you will need them to complete the course.

This grooming course also includes designer dogs, mixed breeds, and cat grooming (optional).

Ten DVDs, charts, wholesale catalogs, sample ribbon and more
Whats included

"When  you complete this course you will
know the correct way to groom any breed dog or cat" 

The Unique One of a Kind Books

  • The Training Manual covers over 180 breeds.The illustrations, diagrams and actual photos assist in your learning. This book total over 300 pages.
  • Groomers Journal - filled with hundreds of tips & short cuts supplied by over 40 experienced groomers. This book total over 200 pages.
  • You can do some of your work online, because you have to do hands on training to learn how to groom correctly.

Some of what is included

  • Complete directions on All Breed Dog Grooming.
  • What to do before and after bathing. Bathing, ear cleaning/hair removal, nail cutting, anal sacs, and safety procedures and handling.
  • Pests and how to control them.
  • Skin problems. When to see their vet.
  • How to operate and maintain tools and equipment. What tools are available and what they are use for.
  • 10 DVDs - Ten DVDs: Showing how to groom the most commonly groomed breeds, and safety measures you need to know.
  • Books on CD - Adobe Acrobat (to read the books on CD). Paper books are an extra charge.
  • Training Manual with - At a Glance Diagrams - extremely easy to follow. Includes all the newest trends and designer dogs.