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Be sure to read through all the pages and find valuable information, tips and mini tutorials on the video page. 

Here are five tips to help keep your grooming-learning costs from soaring higher than need be.

  1. It's a Common Belief in the General Public That the Only Way to Learn Grooming is To Go to a Traditional Grooming School. This is Simply Not True. This Home Study - Hands On Program Proves That. ...
  2. Investigating Different Schools On Your Own. ...
  3. Go With a Hands-On Certificate program. ...
  4. Buy Your Own Tools and Make Sure They Don't State Economy. It Means Cheaply Made. ...
  5. Start Your Own Business and Work for Yourself. ...

The Basic & Beyond Program is

 Simple  -  Convenient  -  Thorough

Did you know the Pet Industry Spending is

 up to $60.28 billion in 2015. By 2020 and is
expected to reach $96 billion by 2020.

 You currently do not need a GROOMING CERTIFICATE in the USA. It is a good idea to get your certificate now before your state requires one, as it may help you get grandfathered in.

Basics & Beyond Grooming School
will teach you correctly with updated and current curriculum. Get your pet grooming certificate and go to work for yourself,
  Petco, Pet Smart, a grooming shop or a veterinarian etc.

Producing Successful Graduates For 22 Years! 
The objective of this course is to get you started in the grooming business while keeping your costs down.

Student complete the course


Cat grooming is offered, but not required to get your certificate.

    This program emphasizes the importance of animal and groomer safety.


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